Triple C’s Torch Calls Out Young Jeezy Over ‘Death Before Dishonor’ Diss Track

Torch, an artist signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group and member of Triple C’s, has responded to a new Young Jeezy track titled “Death Before Dishonor.”

(AllHipHop News) The new track features Young Jeezy dropping verses over Rick Ross’ “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast) instrumental. Jeezy’s song contains several lines that many speculate are aimed at Rick Ross, for name checking incarcerated Black Mafia Family (B.M.F.) leader Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory. An informant named William “Doc” Marshall, who handled the books for B.M.F told the F.B.I. that Young Jeezy was a close affiliate of Big Meech and that at one time, the rapper actually distributed cocaine in Atlanta. Although Young Jeezy’s song “Death Before Dishonor” doesn’t name check Rick Ross lines like “How you Blowin’ Money Fast?/ You don’t know the crew/ Oh, you part of the fam?/ Sh\*t I never knew/” are unmistakably directed at Rick Ross.”Death Before Dishonor” was also allegedly B.M.F.’s main motto, giving the song’s title meaning. Torch stuck up for Rick Ross this morning (August 10th) via his @torchccc Twitter page.”This Fa\*et ass Rap Ni**a Sneak Dissing I Think Its Only Right We Start A Trending Topik Kalled #JeezywhyUmad,” Torch tweeted. The insults towards Jeezy got worse as Torch expressed his opinion on Jeezy’s record. “Ross Repped Harder 4Ya Fallen Komrads More Than U Ever Did Or Ever Wud Have,” Torch said of the 150-plus B.M.F members who were locked up after a federal investigation uncovered the group was moving thousands of kilos of cocaine per week. “BMF the Biggest Rekord in the Kountry & Even tho that’s the name of Ya Krew Yo Lame ass Kouldnt kome up with That,” Torch tweeted. “GU€€I went in Jail Hotter Than U Kame Home & He Still Hotter Than U & Now His lil Ni**a Waka Hotter in the Streetz than U2.”At press time, it is unclear where Big Meech stands on Rick Ross’ song, “B.M.F. (Blowing Money Fast). “I don’t know who all these phonies running around but you will be checked about misrepresentation,” Big Meech stated. Meech’s Black Mafia Family drug gang allegedly sold almost $300 million worth of coke from 1990-2005, along with his brother, Terry “Southwest T” Flenory. In interviews, Rick Ross stated Big Meech liked the song, a sentiment confirmed by Big Meech’s mother, Ms. Lucille Flenory. “One of our friends in the ATL played the song for Meech over the phone and he listened to the song and he really loved it,” Ms. Flenory stated. “He appreciated the song. He said the guys in prison were ranting and raving about the song.”Big Meech and his brother Terry “Southwest T” Flenory are each serving 30 years in prison for their role as leaders of B.M.F.