Troy Ave: I'm The First Out Of Brooklyn Talking Heavy Drug Talk In My Raps


(AllHipHop News) Troy Ave's proclamation on Twitter that he was the first Brooklyn-based rapper to use heavy drug talk in his raps was met with instant questioning from other users. The critics were mainly asking if the BSB member overlooked the content of BK emcees like Jay Z, The Notorious B.I.G, Maino, and others.

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Instead of backing off his claim, Troy doubled down with further tweets and a posting on Instagram. He then began calling out "Internet n****z" that took issue with what he said. The New York City: The Album creator ended his Twitter exchange by highlighting that he managed to find success during an era when street rap was not the main trend in Hip Hop culture.

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Read Troy Ave's social media posts below.

BEEN TALKIN THAT DOPE BOY $HiT out the Gate! My story been consistent .... Others touch on it and mix it up with street shit like, robberies, killings, clubs, struggle life .... But the only 1 talking bout whole birds, "Heavy" from NYC and I mean HEAVY detailed descriptions not 28grams or 62's or 8 balls the only 1 talkin whole joints was yours truly! Since day 1 my story been the same .... The Real Ones snow the difference the ones who can't relate will debate! MAN U KNOW WHAT like @scstunna said "Fuk what a fake n****a say, it's bout what a real n***a say"