Troy Ave Says He's An "Idiot" For Sticking To "Street Code" Over Deadly Shooting

AllHipHop Staff

Troy Ave is planning to tell all when his trial comes up this January.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Troy Ave is heading to court over a deadly shooting in February 2017, which resulted in the death of his bodyguard and close friend Ronald “Banga” McPhatter.

Troy is slated to start his trial this January, and he appears to have no qualms taking the stand, to testify about what happened.

“I didn’t tell everything that happened, I held up to the street code like an idiot,” Troy Ave said. “If I’d said in the hospital, ‘here’s what happened, here’s who shot me,’ (the case against him would) be over.”

Troy, born Roland Collins, was involved in a deadly altercation with podcaster Taxstone, at Irving Plaza in May of 2016.

McPhatter was shot and killed in a green room filled rappers, including Uncle Murda, Maino, and their entourages.

Four people were struck during the shootout including Troy Ave and all of it was captured in a frightful video showing the rap star shooting at Taxstone in a crowd of bystanders.

Troy Ave, born Roland Collins, was free on $500,000 bail. Shortly after his release, in December of 2016, an assailant opened fire on Troy's bright Maserati.

Troy Ave was shot twice and luckily, his girlfriend escaped with no injuries.

Troy has pleaded not guilty for his role in the shootout inside of Irving Plaza, while Taxstone pleaded guilty to bringing in the gun that killed Ronald McPhatter.

Taxstone's DNA was reportedly discovered on the 9-millimeter Kel-Tec semi-automatic handgun and officials traced the chain of purchase back to the popular podcaster, which ultimately sealed his fate.

Troy believes he will walk away a free man after the trial, even though he is facing 20-40 years over the shootout.

“If I was guilty I’d be scared as s##t. I’d have all the fear in the world, like ‘I’m caught! Now I need to make up lies to get out of this.’ I told my lawyer, when he came to see me in the hospital, 'we don’t have to do anything but tell the truth. The truth gets us out of this'.”

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Brooklyn Baller
Brooklyn Baller

Troy Ave is a snitch bitch. Put some grease on his ass and take his manhood.


PSA: Troy Ave is the ONLY rapper who is "keeping it real" . Street codes are utter bullshit and made for dumb people who dont have any honor in any other aspect in their lives. All the high level gangsters and dealers TALK TO POLICE....and they use their workers to take the fall for them. If you 30 yrs or older and still using "street rules" you are a damn fool and a gigantic loser. If you reflexively hate law enforcement or use it as an insult to call someone a "rat"...YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND I GUARANTEE YOU LIVE A TERRIBLY FRUSTRATING EXISTENCE. FOH with all that bullshit black me are taught in rap music; IT DOESNT WORK IN THE REAL WORLD....and you are fully retarded if you think someone going to prison is a reason to respect them. It just means they were terrible criminals and cant even succeed at being a dirtbag...THE STREETS ARE A MYTH. I hope Troy Ave takes the stand and puts Taxstone away for life. Taxstone was a grimey hater and I hope he rots in jail like all the others who bask in the fallacy of the righteous street nigga...ITS A MYTH #KLPC


Troy, Tekashi and other niggaz need to ratio crying when it gets real. Somen Niggaz love to rap this shit until they get caught. Smh...Nigga you sighed up for this shit.