Truck Driver Apologies For Breaking Styles P.'s Leg, Suspended From Job

The truck driver

who rammed into Styles P and broke the rapper's leg during a traffic incident

in upstate New York last week has apologized for the incident and said he didn't

mean to cause the rapper harm. According

to police, Styles P. was driving his 2003 Mercedes-Benz on Saw Mill River Road

on Saturday, Dec. 23 when he was cut off John Henson, 50. Styles

P., born David Styles, allegedly followed Henson, got out of his vehicle and threw

napkins at the window. As

got back in his car, the truck smashed him. Henson

appeared in an upstate New York court yesterday (Jan. 2) and explained that the

incident was an accident. He

explained that he attempted to drive away after the rapper threw the napkins,

began screaming and reached into his coat. "I

didn't know if he had a gun or something else he was going to throw at me,"

Henson told The Journal News. "I feared for my safety, so I tried

to get around him on the left side. I guess I was a foot off. I was all shook


said that he wasn't familiar with Style's P. or rap music in general, but he did

express respect for the genre. Styles

P. was treated at a local hospital and released. Henson,

a divorced father of five, spent Christmas in prison. He posted $1500 bail, but

has since been suspended from his trucking job. He

also said that he is in danger of losing his house in Connecticut, because he

can no longer keep up the mortgage payments. Henson's

next court date is Jan. 26.