True Master Takes Wu-Tang to Court, Wu's Power Address Issues

Wu-Tang rapper/producer True Master has filed a new lawsuit against his former associates.

Wu-Tang Productions, Diggs Family Music and Nassir Music are among those named in the suit.

In the suit, which was filed last Thursday (Oct. 26) in New York State Supreme Court, Tru Master (born Derrick Harris) accuses the companies of breaking their contracts with him and "unjust enrichment" at his expense by not paying him the royalties the contracts required.

The producer, who has crafted hits for Method Man, the Wu-Tang Clan, and the late Ol' Dirty Bastard, said that he kept his promise of delivering the music.

The new lawsuit marks the second time Harris hasn't seen eye to eye with record labels and music companies. A similar complaint was filed last year in Manhattan federal court.

Power, Chief Operating Officer of Wu-Tang Music denied True Master's claims.

"First of all, his lawsuit was [initially] thrown out," Power told "That is bull because for somebody to even act [like] they're gonna come and sue Wu-Tang on that level as far as our inner circle is nonsense because brothers gotta look at where they came from and where they was at and what they was doing. Everybody received their just due. Ask him how much money did he get from on the strength of Wu-Tang and what type of things has he received from being a part of Wu-Tang."

Power said reconciliation with True Master was still possible.

"As far as being whatever it is, the reconciliation has only really gotta come from realization," Power said. "And that's the only reconciliation that's being done because for us, everything is real. I ain't been around the game for the last couple of years because I see a lot of it as nonsense."

Power also revealed details in a widely reported incident involving members of The Wu-Tang Clan in a VIP area of the Hammerstein Ballroom during VH1's Hip-Hop Honors awards ceremony.

"I ain't even gonna glorify that to no type of degree, but the bottom line was, yeah, you know there was a minor little altercation over there," he said.

The brief altercation ended with Power leaving the Hammerstein Ballroom.

"I ain't even have to leave," Power said. "I just stood there and talked for like five or ten minutes. I made sure the rest of my people was able to stay because I told them 'look if it was anything then let it be my problem. Let them go ahead and finish doing what they do.' I walked out the front, girls started taking some snapshots."