Trump Gets No Love From "The Brothers Grimsby"

While social media has been literally "atwitter" with regards to the numerous little moral deaths governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie appears to be suffering silently after endorsing his former GOP rival Donald Trump for the Republican Presidential Nomination, actor Sacha Baron Cohen, star and creator of Borat, Brüno and Ali G Indahouse, is clearly in no danger of falling prey to similar fate when it comes to his new movie “The Brothers Grimsby” - much to the chagrin of Sony Pictures. The dark action comedy from the studio, which also stars Mark Strong and Rebel Wilson, revolves around two brothers cruelly separated in their youth only to be reunited as adults living radically different lives. Set for nationwide release in the U.S. on March 11, 2016, the movie currently contains a joke that is unflattering to Donald Trump, which Sony pictures brass would subsequently like to see gone before the movie hits American shores given The Donald’s status as an undisputed presidential frontrunner. Despite the fact that the joke has scored big overseas with foreign viewers cheering and giving the bit standing ovations, Sony has been trying it’s best to kill the reference but Baron Cohen, who has final cut of the film simply will not allow the change. To add to Sony’s anxieties on the matter, at the film’s U.S. premiere on March 3, 2016 in Los Angeles, Baron Cohen, outfitted in a bright red “Make America Great Again,” Trump campaign baseball hat, pulled no punches when it came to taking jabs at the GOP presidential frontrunner, calling him a “demagogue.”

As such, it would certainly seem that when it comes to Donald Trump, Sacha Baron Cohen definitely isn't indahouse.

Feel free to check out the trailer for "The Brothers Grimsby" here: