Tuned In: Zune Takover (Seattle, WA)

The Zune Takeover definitely went down on Friday night (Nov. 30) in Seattle, the home of Zune and Microsoft. The event celebrated the release of the limited-edition "GOODS" customized Zune 80 version, which comes pre-loaded and is only available at the Seattle-based GOODS boutique.

Multi-talented artists Swizz Beatz and Bun B were in town to celebrate and perform at the release party held at the War Room. Attendees of the invitation-only party were greeted with an open bar and classic Hip-Hop spun by veteran Seattle DJ's J-Tyme and Rock Steady Crew's DV-One.

It was "Showtime" on stage when Swizz Beatz "The Monster" basically let everyone know how many classics and hit records he's produced, as he ran through them with the crowd singing along.

Swizz also debuted a brand new joint which he said he hadn't performed before - he said NYC hasn't even heard it. He is definitely one of the hypest out there.

Next up was Bun B who took the stage and really did his thing, letting people know why he's a legend in the game.

While the party was on fire, the true star of the event was the new Zune 80, which was just released in late November. It's an 80 gig unit which holds up to 20,000 songs, 25,000 pictures, or 250 hours of video. Touch controls, wireless sharing, and a built in radio are just a few of the features. You can even stream content to your X-Box 360 using a wireless connection and customize the soundtrack in your favorite game.

We sat down with Swizz Beatz and Bun B to discuss the finer points of the Zune. "A lot of people don't understand the Zune," Swizz Beatz told AllHipHop.com. "You can beam on the Zune, you got video. All these things on the Zune that nobody really knows about, but they're about to know. I'm all about the creativity. I'm about the takeover." Bun B broke down the second wave of Zune's a little more. "Originally they were 4 and 8 gigs, kinda bulkier and a little problem for your pocket, but now they are a lot smaller," he said. "The GOODS collaboration is a limited edition joint you'll only be able to get at GOODS. It's gonna come preloaded with skateboard stuff, pictures [and] different music."

Bun B also had some thoughts to share on the marketing experience. "The Zune Takeover gives us a chance to come into the city and do a nice function free of charge," he told us. "The whole thing we're trying to do with the Zune community is bring people together that love music, and put 'em in the same place where they can communicate with each other. Even though I'm an artist, I'm also a fan."

Zune will be teaming up with different boutiques like Huf in San Francisco, Reed Space in NYC, St. Alfreds in Chicago, and will be taking over each city with more performances from other chart-topping artists and talented DJ's in the next few months. Check out B-Mello's on the spot interviews with Bun B and Swizz Beatz from The Zune Takeover in Seattle: