Tupac's Love Letter To Madonna Has Finally Been Approved To Be Auctioned Off

Madonna was once in love with 'Pac, but he was not interested.

(AllHipHop News) Madonna lost her appeal trying to block the sale of a salacious letter Tupac Shakur penned to her.

Madonna filed a lawsuit trying to get ownership of a break-up letter Tupac Shakur wrote and some of her memorabilia.

The items were being auctioned off by a woman named Darlene Lutz, who used to work for Madonna as an art consultant.

A judge initially ruled against Madonna, because she approved a release granting Lutz control of the letter and other memorabilia when the two ended their association in 2004.

Madonna appealed, and lost her decision, paving the way for Pac's letter and other valuables once owned by the singer to be sold off as Lutz sees fit.