Tupac's Sister Planning 'Madameveli ' Clothing Line

Tupac Shakur’s

sister Set Shakur has announced the Fall 2006 launch of her high fashion urban

line, Madameveli.

The name of the line is based off her brothers well known alias

Makaveli, which is also a clothing line.

According to Shakur, “Madameveli embraces the oddities

each woman possesses and accentuates the physical and intrinsic features that

make her unique.”

The brand aims to “expand upon his iconic legacy by exposing

the female ego of the Makavelian persona and establishing an untouchable position

in the retail fashion world.”

"The Mademeveli line is so much more than just sexy clothing,”

Set Shakur said. “The edgy collection will serve as an Armour, or protective

gear for grown women who want to place themselves on unshakeable pedestals and

celebrate their regality."

The line will include miniskirts with garters, bustier/gaucho

cat suits, corset-style tops, hip hugging suit pants with suspenders, denim

jackets and other pieces.

Shakur has partnered

with fashion K.A. Kitties, a fashion consulting company that has worked with

Mecca, Rocawear, FUBU, Apple Bottom and Fetish.