Turk Prep's "Penitentiary Chances," Forms Legal Defense Fund

Incarcerated rapper Tab "Turk" Virgil

Jr. is planning to release his third solo album, titled Penitentiary Chances.

The album's title is taken from a track on his

debut, Raw and Uncut.

Proceeds from the album sales will benefit Turk's

legal defense fund. He is being held on $750,000 bond on charges of attempted

murder of a Memphis, Tennessee Deputy Sheriff.

“My fans would support my album regardless,

but it’s a quality album, and it’s going to be worth their ends,”

Turk stated from his maximum security cell. “Get my album because you’ve

got love for Turk.”

Turk has maintains his innocence since his arrest.

His case was bolstered when a second charge was dropped, after ballistics tests

proved a second officer was shot by another officer present at the scene.

Fellow Hot Boy BG remained optimistic about Turk's

situation "Turk is my friend and will always be my friend. I hope when

this is all over the four of us can get back together and record a new Hot Boys


Fans seeking to make donations to help Turk's

legal defense fund can send checks payable to the Tab “Turk” Virgil

Legal Defense fund, and may be sent in care of Leroy Hollins II, PO Box 73131,

Baton Rouge, LA 70874-3131.

Penitentiary Chances will drop on April