Turntable Timmy Cartoon To Debut On The Internet

Children's author

Michael P. and illustrator Doug Cunningham, along with animation house Rebel

Static, are launching a new Hip-Hop cartoon series based on the critically acclaimed

children's book Turntable Timmy.

The online micro-series

will revolve around Turntable Timmy and his crew, The Arrowtown Rockers, as

they battle a corporate crook named Chip Staka, and his conniving cronies, in

an attempt to save Hip-Hop from the clutches of "wackness."

By using the power

of the 5 Elements and staying true to themselves, Timmy and his crew are able

to combat the evil forces in the music industry.

"The series

was created out of the necessity to educate the youth and bring forth awareness

regarding the foundation of Hip-Hop culture," said Michael P. "Through

modern technology, we have the ability to produce and distribute, to a worldwide

audience, our visions and interpretations regarding the current state of the


Turntablist Mike

Relm will serve as the music director for the series, which features 90-second

full motion-animation films.

"His turntable

skills are a valued asset to the Rebel Static team," said executive producer

Otto Grajeda. "When the question was asked, 'what producer do we get to

perform the task of sound engineer for the series?' only one name came to mind,

Mike Relm. He's an amazingly innovative producer, as well as a dope DJ. I'm

sure he will bring a lot to the series in terms of audio quality and style."

The Turntable

Timmy micro-series will debut this summer. To view the trailer, visit