"TV's Illest Minority Moments Presented by: ego trip" Debuts This Weekend

The brain trust that

brought Hip-Hop lovers ego trip magazine, will bring their same brand of humor

to VH1's "TV's Illest Minority Moments Presented by ego trip."

Formerly titled

"TV Race Riot!," the show examines various TV shows and explores the

notion that different races of people watch television in a different manner.

"VH1 approached

us because they liked 'ego trip's Big Book of Racism," Elliot Wilson, Editor

In Chief of XXL, told AllHipHop.com.

Wilson, along with

Sacha Jenkins, Gabriel Alvarez, Chairman Mao and Brent Rollins serve as executive

producers of the show. According

to Wilson, VH1 was not comfortable with the words "race" and "riot"

in the title, hence the name change.

"They didn't

want to go too far, but they saw the potential of making the content of the

book into a show," Wilson said. "We weren't happy with the name change,

but we ate it because we were so far into it. You're going to have ups and downs

when your trying to get your vision on to someone else's platform. It's a victory

for us getting it on to the television, because they gave us so much creative


The show features

commentary from the five man team, as well as Outkast, Kelis, Fat Joe, B-Real,

Talib Kweli, Pharoah Monch, RZA, John Singleton.

"The greatest

shows in the history of television regularly dealt with race relations. The

show features takes from The Jeffersons, Good Times and What's Happening, just

to name a few," Wilson continued. "We even dug up a really rare episode

of the Partridge Family that stars Richard Pryor. Danny Bonaduce ends up joining

this like, Black Militant organization. It really just shows how are views are

race are impacted by the television."

Wilson said that

children today don't watch television the same way as children in the 60's,

70's and 80's.

"A kid now

can tell you every rap video's plot line, but I don't think they go home and

watch TV the shame," Wilson added. "For kids then, television was

such a guiding thing. We are only scratching the surface with this. If it's

watched enough, we will do more. We are coming on after the Sex in the City

finale, so all you ladies flip the switch and we will dry your eyes."

"TV's Illest

Minority Moments Presented by ego trip" air dates are below:

Sun. 2/22 1:00


Sun. 2/22 10:00 PM

Mon. 2/23 1:00 AM

Mon. 2/23 4:00 PM

Wed. 2/25 2:00 AM

Thurs. 2/26 11:00 AM

Thurs. 2/26 10:00 PM


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