TVT Signs Twisted Black, Rapper Arrested On Federal Drug Charges

Rapper Tommy Delando

Burns aka Twisted Black was arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute

a controlled substance last week, shortly before his new deal with TVT Records

was announced. The

34-year-old Fort Worth based rapper was arrested by officers with the Drug Enforcement

Administration on a warrant issued in Midland, Texas.Twisted

Black has had a long arduous career in Hip-Hop. In 1991 he was a member of a popular

Forth Worth group titled One Gud Cide, but the rapper was shot in the face. By

1995, the rapper had recovered and the group released their full-length debut,

Look What The Streets Made, which according sold over 10,000 copies. The group

was signed by Tony Draper's Suave House Records, but Twisted Black ended up doing

a three year stint in prison, interrupting the release of their follow-up, Contradictions.Due

to the turmoil, One Gud Cide split up and Twisted Black released an album titled

Late Bloomer, which led to the TVT Records deal.

"Twisted Black's raps are not just empty rhymes about girls and guns,"

said TVT Records President, Steve Gottlieb. "His music has real depth to

it that comes only from a life truly lived on the streets. He's got a great story

and great music."Twisted

Black was working on his untitled TVT debut, which is slated to hit stores in

2007. That story will come to life with his untitled TVT debut due in 2007.The

rapper is due in federal court today (July 20) to answer the charges.