Twista Calls On Chicago Artists To Help Chicago Children's Choir Academy

Rapper Twista

is calling on his fellow Chicago artists and businesses in the city to back a

concert to raise money for the Chicago Children’s Choir Academy.

According to the Chicago

Sun-Times, Twista hopes the concert will raise $100,000 - $150,000 to be donated

to the school.

"As a Chicago resident,

I feel very honored to help the children at the Choir Academy,” Twista

told the paper. “I wish I had someone in my younger years that could have

done the same for me.”

The troubled academy, which

teaches music to fourth-to-eighth-graders, opened in 2001 and is almost $300,000

in debt.

A Chicago businessman, Timothy

Rand, is attempting to help the school as well.

Rand, a multi-millionaire

that heads up Midway Airport Concessionaires, submitted a proposal to the Chicago

Public School system for his non-profit organization The Rand Group, to take

over the operation of the school.

"I hope other

Chicago artists and local businesses can join me in this cause to help keep

the music education alive in the Chicago Public School system,” Twista