Twista Launches Tour To Speak To Kids

AllHipHop Staff

Chicago rapper Twista and a group of rappers will hit the road for a series of dates to perform on The Stimulus Tour, a series of affordable concerts and speaking engagements at youth centers.

In November, Twista, Playaz Circle, Durrough and Moulange will hit the road to visit youth centers in each city on the tour, to talk to the children about making wise decisions with their lives and to pursue higher education.

"The economy isn't the only thing hurting right now," Twista told in a statement. "The kids are going through some things right now, too, and so we need to get out there and talk to them so we can help them out. That's what the point of the Stimulus tour is right now."

Twista and company plan to visit Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Charlotte, North Carolina, Detroit, Indianapolis, Saginaw, Sioux City, Iowa, Columbus, Missouri and Kansas City, Missouri.

Children in each city that attend the discussion at the youth centers will be provided free tickets to the show in their city.

“These kids just need someone to really sit down with them and explain to them how things really are,” Twista said. “And there’s no reason that person shouldn’t be me so I’m going to make sure I can do that for all the kids I possibly can.”

Tentative dates are listed below:

Nov 26th : Minneapolis

27th : Cincinnati, Ohio

28th : Charlotte, North Carolina

Dec 3rd :Detroit, Michigan

4th : Indianapolis, Indiana

5th : Saginaw, Michigan

11th : Sioux City, Iowa

12th : Columbus, Missouri

13th: Kansas City, Missouri