Twista Rallying Chicago Hip-Hop Community To Support Benefit Concert

Platinum selling rapper

Twista is spearheading a concert with various members of the Chicago Hip-Hop community

to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The rapper is organizing a free concert that will take place

September 19 at the House of Blues in Chicago. Confirmed Chicago rappers include

Da Brat, Do or Die, Shawnaa, Crucial Conflict and Bump J.

Twista is calling on fans to donate money, food and clothes

that will go to the victims of the hurricane, which is the worst natural disaster

in the history of the United States.

At least 250,000 people are homeless due to the hurricane and

officials estimate the final death toll in Louisiana alone will top 10,000.

"We as a people need to stop pointing the finger of blame

and help our fellow brothers and sisters in their time of need,” Twista

said. “This is not a game, we are in a national crisis.”

In monetary terms, the cost of the damage could be at least

$100 billion dollars and $35 billion dollars to insurance companies. Other estimates

stated that the loss of productivity in the area costs $100 million dollars

a day.

Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama account for about three percent

of the United States' gross domestic product.

More than one million people have been displaced as the result

of the hurricane.

Congress has released $10 billion dollars in emergency economic

aid and at least $350 million dollars has been donated to the Red Cross through

public donations.

Twista called on Atlantic Records staff, the artists and the

local Hip-Hop community to support the event.


God gives us each special talents to use in his time of need. Let's handle this,"

Twista said.