Twista's Speedknot Mobstaz Return To Hardcore

Coming off the success

of his sophomore album Kamikaze, Chicago rapper Twista is now ready to

re-introduce his hometown rap crew Speedknot Mobstaz.

And he's vowing that his squad will break barriers in the next


"We are coming with nothing but hardcore raw Chicago rhymes

that have never been projected in history," Twista told

"And at the same time we are giving you our roots as far as having real

stories backed by old school beats."

The quick-tongued emcee, credited as the world's fastest rapper

by the Guinness Book of World Records, admitted that his involvement with the

Mobstaz tends to bring out his grittier, hard side.

"We crew homies and we love to do the music together so

we had to do it," Twista said of the group's reemergence. "This is

my legacy. When I first came out with [my 1997 debut album] Adrenaline Rush,

we connected. It's a protocol to these things, we knew we had to do it and now

the time is right."

Twista's first collaboration with fellow lyricists, MC Mayz

and Liffy Stokes, was back in 1998 with the release of the gold-selling Mobstability.

Afterwards, Twista started his own Legit Ballin' label and released

three compilations.

"We were out before all of these other groups and still

moving units," Twista boasted, ending with the defiant statement, "The

Mobstaz are about to take over so if anybody has anything to say, speak now

or forever hold your peace."

Twista plans to tour with Atlanta rapper T.I. before setting

out on various tours for the next year and a half.

The Speedknot Mobstaz

album is due out by the end of this year or early next year.