Twista Wants To Showcase His Paintings In A Gallery

(AllHipHop News) During an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago rap legend Twista discussed his upbringing in the city and his plans for the future.

Twista explained how violence has impacted his family growing up in the Chicago. Over the course of his career, Twista has lost three bodyguards.

A car accident claimed the life of one and the other two were killed in street violence in the United States’ third largest city.

In order to cope and relax with his stressful lifestyle as a rapper, in addition to the senseless violence, Twista has taken to painting.

“I am a portrait artist. I may get back into it. Every once in a while, I still draw in my spare time,” Twista told the Chicago Sun-Times. “I’m getting ready to dive back into it like I should have. I also do figure drawing and anatomy. I think I would like to have a gallery.”

During the interview,Twista, 43, explained how he hopes to be a guiding light for the youth of Chicago, and Hip-Hop in general.

“I want to let people see, I want the kids to see, how rappers do business, how artists can turn what they do musically into money by doing other things,” Twista said.

Twista is currently on the East Coast run of his Living Legends tour.

Tonight (April 17) Twista will play Webster Hall in Manhattan, before moving on dates in New Jersey, Virginia, Missouri, Colorado, Illinois and Nebraska.