Twista Wins Restraining Order Against Wife

On Thursday (Sept.

2) a Chicago judge ordered that Twista’s wife, Rashida Mitchell be restrained

from talking to the press about her divorce with the rapper.

The order comes

after an article that was printed in The Chicago Sun Times accused the rapper

of neglecting his daughter.

The article was

published last week and referred to Twista’s success as a rapper. It also

revealed his daughters name, age, school district and photograph.

Twista married

Mitchell in 1991 and three years later the couple had a little girl. They have

been separated since 1996 and the divorce proceedings started in 1999.

“He would

come in court with phony check stubs showing that he made about $2,000 a month,”

Mitchell said. “The court ordered Twista to pay me $100 a week in 1999.

Right now he is two months behind.”

Twista has other

children besides the one he has with Mitchell, but none of the mothers have

come forward to complain.

Mitchell said her

daughter was unhappy.

"Her father

is Twista although he has not given her the life that she deserves," Mitchell

said. These comments moved Twista’s Chicago attorney Jeffery M. Leving,

to file an emergency petition for a restraining order.

"It is a sad

state of affairs when a Judge has to order a mother not to speak to her child

about the father in a negative manner,” Leving said.

The granting of

the restraining order also establishes that the rapper is current with his child


"Twista is

a loving father and his daughter means the world to him,” Leving said.