Twitter Rants Leads The Weeknd To Help Launch A New Creative Hub In Toronto

AllHipHop Staff

The Weeknd and his creative director are opening a new creative center.

(AllHipHop News) The Weeknd and his creative director La Mar Taylor are opening a new creative base for artists of all kinds in Toronto, Canada.

The hitmaker shared a collage of snaps of La Mar on a construction site, checking out the development of HXOUSE, which the Canadian singer will be helping to unveil with entertainment marketing guru Ahmed Ismail in the autumn.

La Mar expanded on the purpose of the project in a press release, explaining the center will serve as a "creative and digital incubator" for emerging local artists, providing them with the "tools, contacts, funds and freedom to activate their own talents and translate them into sustainable skills."

In a lengthy post on his own Instagram page, La Mar revealed how the big project came about.

"A little over a year ago I released a series of Twitter rants, mad," he began. "Frustrated at the broken system in Canada. Frustrated at the lack of infrastructure for myself and other creative entrepreneurs. I had this idea of creating a hub for my friends and I. A place for creatives to come together from across the GTA (greater Toronto area). A creative facility that had no limits of the imagination or lack of tools needed to turn ideas into reality."

"Today I am happy to announce that a facility like this now exists and is launching this fall in Toronto," La Mar continued, explaining it will be "the first of its kind" in the world, planned in partnership with officials at urban development organization Artscape.

"(It will be) A World-Class multifaceted creative facility welcoming all creatives from diverse disciplines," he wrote. "The facility offers co-working spaces as well as Textiles and Fashion Studio, Fine Metals and Jewelry Studio, Electronics and Hardware Studio, Woodworking Studio, Digital Fabrication Studio, Computer lab, Recording Studio, Motion Capture& Sound Recording Studio, Edit Booths and Photography Studio. With the facility launching in the fall, creatives finally have a home...

"This is only the beginning. It's going to take the whole city and country to help carry this project and pass it down to next generation. THE TIME IS NOW SEE YOU ALL IN THE FALL !!!"