Two Men Arrested In Connection With Murder Inc. Raid

Two men associated with Murder Inc. have been

arrested in connection with last weeks federal raids of the Murder Inc. offices

in Manhattan, New York.

Derek Hayes and Jon Ragin were arrested on federal

fraud charges. Both are accused of using a phony tuxedo rental business in Brooklyn

as a front for laundering stolen credit card proceeds.

Prosecutors are also alleging that SUV's registered

to the business are linked to burglaries and other various crimes on Long Island.

Police say they are investigating an individual who dropped the body of a homicide

victim. The victim, known as "Black Just," was dropped off at a hospital

after he had been shot. The SUV driven was registered to the tuxedo rental business,

according to court papers.

"If they're trying to tie Preme to Black

Just's death they will be unsuccessful," a source speaking on the condition

of anonymity told "Just was Preme's true friend. Preme was

the driver of the SUV that dropped Just at the hospital. The only blame that

belongs to Preme is not taking Just straight to the hospital while the main

artery in Just's leg poured out blood. This delay caused Just to bleed to death

while Preme frantically tried to find someone else to take Just. Preme wanted

no connection to Just or a shooting because of the history they had, knowing

it was cause for a fresh charge."

According to the Daily News, sources have confirmed

that Ragin was an associate of Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, who is believed

to have provided funding for Irv Gotti. Other sources maintain that it Def Jam

provided $3 million in financing to start Murder Inc, not McGriff.

According to the source, the shooting of Black

Just was allegedly carried out by another Queen's rapper, E Money Bags.

"Bags constantly bragged about killing Preme's

right hand man Black Just in Preme's presence," the source said. E

Money Bag was subsequently shot 10 times and murdered in 2000.