Tycoon Weekend Pool Party Was Too Much For Angry Neighbors, 50 Cashes In Again

The rapper is already making money off of a new controversy.

(AllHipHop News) The residents of a local neighborhood in Sandy Springs, Georgia are pissed over a massive pool party featuring 50 Cent last weekend.

The Tycoon Weekend Pool Party seemed to be an epic affair - drawing celebs like Fif, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Fabolous, Nelly, Dave East, and others.

Thanks to social media, word about the invite-only party spread and soon hundreds of people descended upon the ritzy neighborhood.

“All we heard from 9 o'clock in the morning was boom, boom, boom, boom,” a local named Donald Gilner complained. “Who expected people to be walking around with AK47s? Who expected women to show up so undressed that you couldn't bring your children out on the street?”

Donald Gilner was referring to the off duty police officers who were hired by promoters to keep the peace at the party.

A city council member named Tibby DeJulio plans on fining the owner because he failed to secure a permit for the party.

Tibby DeJulio also vowed to tighten up local laws, so something like this can never happen again in the residential neighborhood.

“This is not the way we live in Sandy Springs,” Tibby DeJulio told CBS46.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent is attempting to cash in on the controversy with a new line of merchandise making fun of Donald Gilner's complaining.

Take a look at the new merchandise 50 Cent is hawking below: