Tyga Asks Promoter For "Offer He Can't Refuse;" Ends Up With A Lawsuit Instead

Tyga "racks up" another lawsuit.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Tyga has been hit with a lawsuit for allegedly pulling out of a nightclub performance in Dubai.

In the legal documents, an unnamed agent claims he booked the "Rack City" hitmaker to perform at White nightclub and a couple of other venues in the United Arab Emirates in April.

Tyga was reportedly paid $120,000 for the gig and given $21,000 to cover airline tickets for him and his team.

However, the agent claims Tyga was working with a rival club and double-crossed him.

He allegedly used his other deal to try to bump up White's price, reportedly telling the agent, "White should give me an offer I can't refuse."

The agent and club officials refused to increase their offer and so the rapper, real name Micheal Ray Stevenson, pulled out of the performance.

The U.S. star, who has been sued on multiple occasions for allegedly owing people money, promised the agent he would refund the $141,000 he was paid, but he never did.

The agent is suing him for the $141,000 plus extra damages in excess of $600,000 for profits lost over the failed performance.