Tyga Faces Lawsuit Over 2014 Land Rover

The “Taste” rapper is asked to pay $157K for the vehicle.

By: Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) Tyga just got a “taste” of failing to make payments (no pun intended).

In 2014, the Los Angeles rapper blew off a lawsuit over his Land Rover that he abandoned.

Now he owes $157,000 according to court documents.

Four years ago, Tyga leased the brand new vehicle from a company called Midway HFCA. Allegedly, he went to another company, FInal Touch Collision, for repairs, but ended up never returning to retrieve the car.

Midway proceeded to sue Tyga for not following through on his lease and failing to make payments. They demanded $202,739 on top of the damages. When Tyga never showed up, they took the matter to court.

Just last month, the judge granted a judgment to Midway, stating Tyga owes them a total of $157,152.60.