Tyler The Creator Hunts Down Woman To Buy Her Sunglasses

AllHipHop Staff

Tyler The Creator took impulse buying to another level when he was in New York over the weekend.

(AllHipHop News) Tyler, The Creator purchased a "fire" pair of sunglasses from a woman who was still wearing them on the streets of New York.

The "Earfquake" rapper took a shine to the woman's eyewear and sent his bodyguard to offer her $50 in exchange for the glasses.

According to TMZ.com, a woman was walking down the block in the Chelsea area of the city when Tyler passed her and said, "Your glasses are fire!"

The lady, who was wearing headphones, kept moving until she felt a tap on her shoulder and found Tyler's bodyguard asking to buy her glasses 50.

She reportedly refused at first, but when Tyler's employee upped the ante to $100 for her $10 thrift shop shades, she soon accepted.

The woman was then escorted to a nearby ice cream parlor, where the rapper was sat enjoying a treat and handed over the cash.

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Tyler is not from Yonkers, he's not even from NY, he's not even from the east coast