Tyrese Hip-Hop Album Leaked On The Internet

Tracks from R&B

singer/actor Tyrese "Black Ty" Gibson's new dual-disc LP Alter

Ego have been leaked to the Internet.

According to sources,

several songs from the double disc set were leaked.

The album features

Tyrese recording R&B songs on disc one, while the second disc introduces

his new rap moniker "Black Ty" and will only consist of Hip-Hop tracks.

Alter Ego

reportedly features collaborations from Hip-Hop heavyweights such as Snoop Dogg,

Paul Wall, Chingy, the Game, Guerilla Black, and Kurupt.

In addition to

his latest musical offering, Tyrese stars as an ex-con named O2 in the thriller

Waist Deep. In the film, O2 tries to go straight for the sake of his

son after being released from prison.

When his son is

kidnapped by a crime leader named Meat, played by rapper the Game, O2 resorts

to breaking the law to get him back.

Waist Deep

opens in theaters on June 23.