Tyson and Holyfield to Reunite on Oprah

AllHipHop Staff

12 years after the infamous ear-biting incident, former heavyweight champions Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield will meet face to face for the first time live on Oprah.

The meeting is the result of the mass outpouring of support for Tyson following his emotional first interview with Oprah on Monday (October 12). In that piece, the youngest heavyweight champion in history was reduced to tears when recalling the tragic accidental death of his 4 year old daughter Exodus in May.

Also, the troubled ex-champ detailed his abuse-filled marriage with actress Robin Givens, his new acclaimed documentary (“Tyson”), and his three year prison stint for rape.

For Friday’s show, Oprah Winfrey will allow Tyson to field questions from the audience, along with feedback from his first interview.

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield engaged in two memorable fights in 1996 and 1997. In the first, Holyfield shocked the boxing world by scoring a dominant 11th round stoppage in what was crowned RING Magazine’s Fight of the Year.

In the rematch, a frustrated Tyson fouled out in the 3rd by biting off a piece of Holyfield’s ear. The gruesome assault resulted in Tyson’s boxing license being suspended for a year. Afterward, Tyson alleged that Holyfield’s headbutts prompted the attack.

Each fighter has been recognized in Hip-Hop for their accomplishments, with various references and appearances in songs such as EPMD’s “Headbanger,” DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s “I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson,” Ice-T’s “New Jack Hustler,” Cormega’s “F**k Nas,” and Canibus’ “2nd Round Knockout.”

Oprah’s Mike Tyson-Evander Holyfield meeting will take place this Friday (October 16).