U of GA Dairy Dept. Names Calves After Rappers

The University of

Georgia’s Dairy Farm has paid honor to some of pop culture’s greatest

contributors, by naming calves after various famed celebrities, including Jay-Z,

Snoop Dogg, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Coolio and Ludacris.

According to Red and Black, a newspaper aimed at the University

of Georgia community, twelve calves at the Animal and Dairy Science Department’s

dairy farm were named after various hip-hop artists when students ran out of

names for male calves.

Students working at the university’s dairy farm are animal

science and agricultural majors who are preparing for work in their respective

fields, including the farming and veterinarian industries.

The students work with world-class cattle of all breeds, while

making contact with leaders in various related industries.

Some of the females were named after popular designers, like

Dolce and Chanel. The Red and Black reported that in previous years, calves

were named after popular Presidents of the United States.

The student-run Red and Black was founded in 1893.

The newspaper was

a property of the University of Georgia for 87 years before becoming independent

by the State Board of Regents in 1980.