U.S. Army Dismisses Rapping Soldier With No Benefits

(AllHipHop News) The U.S. Army has dismissed a soldier who rapped about shooting his superiors as opposed to taking the man to trial.Spc. Marc A. Hall accepted a plea deal in order to avoid being tried in Kuwait, after being charged with communicating a threat. Spc. Hall, who served in Iraq from 2007-2008, recorded a rap song lashing out against the Army in a song before his brigade was slated to leave Ft. Stewart, Georgia. On the song, Hall claimed he would load up his M-4 rifle and “fire down” until “bodies hit the floor.” The rapping soldier then sent copies of the CD to the Army’s personnel office and The Pentagon. He was jailed in December of 2009. The Army took Spc. Hall’s threats serious, as they came just one month after Major Nidal Hassan shot and killed 13 people and injured dozens of others during a shooting spree in Fort Hood, Texas.