Uber Employees Tracked Beyonce And Other Celebrities Using “God View” Tool

Mike Winslow


(AllHipHop News) Uber is facing some serious allegations that it secretly spied on its clients according to new documents in a court case.

Uber apparently has secret technology called "God View," which allows the company to monitor the whereabouts of its patrons, which includes celebrities and politicians says former investigator Samuel Ward Spangenberg.

Spangenberg's testimony is part of his ongoing court case against Uber, alleging the company engaged in age discrimination and whistle-blowing retaliation.

Numerous celebrities personal info and locations were exposed to a employees, due to the lack of security surrounding the intrusive feature.

Spangenberg claims he told all of Uber's top executives, but instead of doing anything about it, they fired him.

The lawsuit claims Uber stores its data in an unsecured manner, putting its millions of customers around the world at risk.

The news comes a few weeks after a mild backlash, over the company's new plans to collect more location-based data on its customers.