UGK Finishing 5th LP, Pimp C Locked Down

Texas rap vets UGK

are finishing their 5th LP, "UGK V (Five)." Originally, UGK planned to release

an LP titled "Riding Platinum," but decided to wait until 1996's "Riding Dirty"

reaches platinum status. "'Five' is the definitive southern rap album - the

culmination of 10 years spent rap hustling," Bun B. said. UGK appeared on Jay-Z's

1999 hit "Big Pimpin."

There is no release date on "UGK V," and according

to sources, one of the reasons is that Pimp C. is locked down for parole violations

and must serve out the duration of his sentence, although the amount of time

he must serve isn't clear at press time.

Bun B. is finishing up his third independent

release with his group MDDLFNGZ (Middle Fingers). The group, which dropped two

albums in 2001 is working on their latest effort, titled "No Apologies." The

album features Bun B., I.T., Sean Wee, Bad Ass Bam Young Lo and Big Mon. The

album will drop through Perfecto Entertainment later this year.