UGK Working On New Album, Bun B. Addresses Fellie Fel Diss Rumors


B. of UGK is setting up the next leg of their career by positioning their status

as mature, vets amid a rush of new talents.According

to Bun B., maturity and perseverance is what allowed the group to remain longtime

fixtures in the rap industry."Being

a southern n***a, we used to have to fight for our position. But now southern

rappers are valid and we just have to make the most of it. We know all the drills

and all the plays. I know the play book and that's what's important. We learned

how to deal with radio, record stores. We just didn't have the push and that's

what all Southern acts were missing at one time."To

continue, the Texas rappers UGK are preparing their final solo album as Jive recording

artists and are assembling a team of all-star producers to help create the self-titled


all-star line up of hit making producers have lined up for the group's latest

effort, according to Bun B."We

are about to go to Las Vegas for a week to lock in with Timbaland, 36 Mafia, Cool

and Dre," Bun B. revealed to "This album is going to

be a beast, I wouldn't bullshit you. Jazzy [Pha], Manny [Fresh], Timbaland, Blackout

Movement [and] The Runnaz."We

[are] trying to make a well rounded album," Bun B. said. "We want to

take Southern rap back to a certain feel. Banging ass music and real talk. The

solo albums were to keep this UGK going and this is new album is for the hardcore


artists, the new album will reflect the continued growth of UGK, who released

their first album The Southern Way for Big Tyme Records in 1991.Bun

B. also addressed a growing controversy stemming from a lyric on the new single

"Can't Stop the Rain 2006" featuring Shaq and Papoose, from Kay Slay

and Greg Street's compilation, The Champions: North Meets South.Rumors

started speculating the Bun B. took a swipe at West coast DJ Felli Fel of Power

106, with the line "n***as used to be on top/but now you fell like Felli/""Fellie

knows I f**k with him," Bun B. clarified. I don't have any issues with Fellie

Fel. He knows I f**k with him. But then everyone calling saying 'that n***a dissed

you, when really I bigged him up. Instead I got some backlash. We don't need anything

hindering this project because of what we are trying to do, bringing the north

and south together. If I don't squash it, it's going to give the beef validity.

I was giving Fellie a shout out."The

misunderstanding is minor compared to the tribulations the group has seen in its

15-year history.UGK

suffered a minor set back when group member Chad "Pimp C" Butler was

incarcerated in 2002 for parole violations. He served 3 years in prison and was

released in 2005.During

Pimp C's three year incarceration, Bun B. made numerous cameo appearances and

dropped a solo album Trill, while Pimp C. released The Sweet James Jones

Stories from jail in 2005, as well as his album Pimpilation, which

debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.