UK Producer Endemic Recruits Sean Price and Planet Asia For Debut Album

AllHipHop Staff

Nottingham, England-based producer Endemic is promoting the concept of music as the universal language, with the inclusion of American rappers on his debut album.

The release, titled Terminal Illness, will feature Boot Camp Clik member Sean Price, Planet Asia, Hell Razah and Killah Priest as well as United Kingdom-based artists C Mone, M9, & Triple Darknes.

According to Endemic, the new album will break the perception among music fans of what is defined as Hip-Hop in his homeland.

"My album isn't necessarily what you expect of when you think UK Hip-Hop," Endemic. "I try to produce beats that will get ill emcees moved to rip on the mic."

Terminal Illness marks a new chapter for the London born Endemic, who cited the RZA, Pete Rock and Boot Camp Clik as influences.

The producer credits his brother with starting him on the path to his chosen career. “I was mesmerized," Endemic said as he remembered how his brother exposed him to music from NWA and Public Enemy.

"As soon as me and my boys could put our pennies together, we bought turntables and started gigging," he stated.

Years later, after building a solid reputation as an in-demand producer in the UK, Endemic was signed to Money Maker Records, which is the first of a series of projects to emerge from the label this year.

In the coming months, Money Maker Records will release albums from Large Professor, Killa Sha, 40-Cal and UK emcee Lewis Parker.

Endemic’s Terminal Illness is slated to hit stores this year.

The following is a tracklisting for the album:

1. Intro 2. Robin Hood Theory – Timbo King Feat Planet Asia 3. Cant stand to wake up – The Wisemen 4. Comin to Kill – Sean Price, Ruste Juxx & Sav Killz 5. Political Criminals – Leathafase, Melanin 9 & Cyrus Malachi 6. Hypocrites – Masikah Feat Melanin 9 7. Walk the Shadows - interlude 8. One Day – Killah Priest & Timbo King 9. Not Like Us – Letia Larock, C mone & Sima Lee 10. Bang on Me – leathafase feat DJ Furious P 11. From Bk to UK – Ruste Juxx, Cyrus Malachi & Nasheron 12. Look My Way – Sima Lee 13. I'm Show Ya – Sean Price & Ruste Juxx 14. Three Kings – Hell Razah, Melanin 9 & Kevlaar 7 15. Outro