Ultimate Rap League Launches "Netflix Of Battle Rap" URLTV App

"This is what the battle rap culture's been missing for so long," says Smack.

(AllHipHop News) Professional battle rap draws in millions of views each month on YouTube. The Ultimate Rap League is looking to take the culture to even greater heights with their own mobile application.

The URLTV.TV app launched on May 27. Following the live stream of events on WatchBattleLive.com, each face-off will be added to the app before being uploaded to other platforms.

Fifteen battles - including "Rum Nitty vs Nu Jersey Twork" and "Cassidy vs Goodz" - are currently listed on the URLTV app. Each week, three new battles will be added to the database.

The application will also host exclusive content like freestyles and cyphers. Artists such as Ave, Chef Trez, Chess, Danny Meyers, Deizel, Prep, T-Top, and Young X have individual pages on the app as well.

In addition, users can engage in an interactive experience during the battles by adding sound effects and rating bars. A voting system then provides a global score for the lyrical bout. URLTV.TV is available via the Apple App Store and Google Play.