UN Backs South African Hip-Hop Summit, Guru Headlining Concert

The United Nations

will host the first ever Global Hip-Hop Summit in South Africa tomorrow (Oct.

20) in an effort to achieve their Millennium Development Goals.

The UN’s Millennium Development Goals include the upliftment

of millions of youth around the world using Hip-Hop music.

The summit will take place in various areas of The Newtown Precinct

and will gather Hip-Hop artists, activists and members of society to debate

and discuss matters relevant to the Hip-Hop community.

American rapper Guru of Gangstarr fame will headline a concert

associated with the event on Friday (Oct. 20) in Newtown Park, supported by

artists from Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, the U.S., Bangladesh and Cameroon.

“This is an exciting moment in the South African music

industry - indeed in the hip-hop industry worldwide,” said event coordinator

Sipho Sithole of Native Rhythms Productions. “We’ve literally gathered

an impressive array of the genre’s most relevant voices who have taken

ownership of the discussion on youth issues. The next two days are going to

be fascinating, challenging and a real educational journey!”

A mini-film festival will also take place during the two day

Global Hip-Hop Summit, will feature such names as Beatmaker, Yfm’s Lee

Khasumba, Tbo Touch of Metro FM, DJ Awadi, K’naan, Tumi & the Volume,

Zuluboy and Sudanese rapper and child soldier-rights activist Emmanuel Jal.

The UN developed eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that

include halting the spread of HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty, providing universal

primary education and others, by 2015.