Uncle Luke Gives DJ Khaled & RHOA’s Peter Thomas A Lesson On Miami History


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uncle Luke has never been one to bite his tongue!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Uncle Luke has never been one to bite his tongue!

Uncle Luke recently took to Instagram to set the record straight about who really runs Miami!

Uncle Luke felt the need to inform Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas that he and DJ Khaled don’t run Miami.

Luke let it be known that he in fact was the one who brought Hip Hop to south Florida after Peter claimed that he brought blackness to South Beach with his ‘How Can I Be Down’ conference.

Peter also says he brought Puff, Russell Simmons and more down to Miami Beach.

“Luke came after me, I was there first,” said Peter.

Peter claimed that he could take Miami back at anytime, and if folks don’t believe him, they should ask DJ Khaled.

Apparently Uncle Luke is not here for all of the praise that DJ Khaled has been getting, and he had to fact check Peter’s claims.

“So Mr. Thomas you called DJ Khaled, as if DJ Khaled run some sh-t down here. DJ Khaled is another settler. He came from New Orleans. He went to Orlando. He couldn’t get on as a DJ in Orlando then he came down here to Miami. He got on at Mix 96 the underground radio station. I heard him on the radio and then I brought it to light to the mainstream on 99 Jamz on my mix show. My brother this guy don’t run sh-t down here neither, he just scream Miami out. He needs to be screaming out New Orleans,” said Uncle Luke.

Uncle Luke told Peter that he needed to actually be shouting out legendary Miami DJs when he shouts out DJs, and he goes on to say Peter wouldn’t know them because he also is a “settler.”

What are your thoughts? Is Luke just stating facts!?