Uncle Luke: Kanye West Says Stupid Things So Kim Kardashian Doesn't Divorce Him

The legendary rap star takes issue with Donald Trump too.

(AllHipHop News) Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell is once again voicing his opinion about Kanye West's relationship with Kim Kardashian. Back in 2015, Luke called out Ye for supposedly starting the trend of rappers "wifing all these hoes."

The Domenick Nati Show recently spoke to Campbell, and the 2 Live Crew founding member addressed Kanye's support for Donald Trump. According to Uncle Luke, the Kardashians played a role in the "Black Skinhead" rhymer's questionable comments and backing of the president.

"This guy married into a family that gets off on shock value. They need to do something stupid in the course of the week to keep their followers up and to keep that whole thing that they got going on," said Luke. "[Kanye] married into that, so he has to say stupid things otherwise he'd probably be divorced out of the family."

The Miami Hip Hop legend added, "He's doing it for shock value. Look, when the mother tells the dad to get a sex change... That family is just a shock value family. In order to stay relevant, they gotta say stupid things and Kanye does as well."

Uncle Luke went on to state he believes it's sad that Kanye West's artistry is being overshadowed by his association with that "untalented" family. The "Scarred" performer also blamed Trump for purposely dividing the country, and he called the businessman-turned-politician a "racist" and a "monster."