Underground Undercover: Five Indie Producers That You May Not Know...But Should

AllHipHop Staff

I want to preface this list by saying that I realize there are a bazillion producers out there that are doing great things, but it just isn't possible to put every single person out there on the same list at the same damn ti...well, you get the point! This won't be the last list, so feel free to clue us in on who you think is deserving of our attention in the comments section! I would love to hear from you! With that, please enjoy! - Skyyhook

Five Indie Producers That You May Not Know...But Should (*In No Certain Order)



J57 has proven himself to be a beast among mere mortal men, not just on the mic with the BrownBag AllStars, but also behind the scenes with his eclectic production! He is currently being mentored by, and is working on production with, the one and only DJ Premier. J57 finds himself in demand from many Underground/Indie artists who are looking for that plate of melodies and beats topped off with metaphorical heat that only J57 brings to the table! He has a way of inviting the listener to his party, and is serving up original content for all the partygoers whom attend, too. Please lend an ear to J57:

Buda Da Future & Grandz Musik

Buda Da Future_Grandz Muzik

The dynamic duo is constantly coming up with new and inventive ways to flip the script on the production tip. Their recent win at The All Access Music Conference (AAMC) for 2012 speaks volumes on behalf of the dexterous twosome. Their ingenuity, accompanied by an eagerness to punish a bass line as if it slapped their mamas, is like few others. Their versatility jumps over lines and barriers within the genre like a musical pole vaulter, as they think there is simply no bar high enough to stop them from leaping to the next unexpected Hip-Hop height. But don't just take my word for it; take a listen to Buda Da Future & Grandz Muzik for yourself:

Jimmy Flight

Jimmy Flight

The Detroit dillettante is one of the most versatile producers in the Underground and Independent Rap game today. His ability to perform acrobatics with his loops, blends, and mixes would make any Olympian jealous! His knack for finding samples from the most obscure places and combining them with some melodic notes that we know - and some that we don't - brings a refreshing drink of Hip-Hop nectar to both the ear and the soul. He may not be as decorated as some of his producer brethren, but this young veteran of the game most definitely has earned his war scars. Check out Jimmy Flight:

The Audible Doctor

Audible Doctor 2

There is most definitely a specific word to use when describing The Audible Doctor as a producer - and that's 'smooth.' His ability to make blends and mixes sound effortless is uncanny. And no matter what the subject matter of the song is, he is able to produce the kind of style that either makes you want to clean up the house or grab a red cup and chill. And that is high praise. The listener is left not knowing whether they should be focusing on the "laid back kick it and enjoy the ride" feel of his production, or his noteworthy voice over the beats. However, smart Hip-Hop heads know that you are supposed to take it all in and appreciate this one-two-punch phenomenon for every bit of its dopeness. Enjoy listening to The Audible Doctor:

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