Universal Records' NY Office Receives $1 Million Worth Of Weed

Universal Records received a special delivery

last week- $1 million dollars worth of marijuana delivered to their New York


According to the New York Post, a box weighing

approximately 150 pounds was delivered to 1755 Broadway, addressed to a person

named "Ronnie." The box allegedly had 825 Broadway, Universal's other

address, crossed out.

Guards tried to X-ray the box, but the X-ray

failed to reveal the contents of the box. "They couldn't see what was inside,

so they opened it up and were shocked by what they found," a source said.

What they found were four smaller boxes of marijuana.

Guards called the FBI, who promptly seized the marijuana and began an investigation.

"They think it was definitely for someone

at Universal because of the address being crossed out and say that 'Ronnie'

was a code. The guys who usually work in the mailroom on that day had probably

gotten packages like that before and knew what to do with it."