Universal Zulu Nation 30th Annivesary Recap

Hip-hop was alive,

well and thriving this past weekend at the Zulu 30th Anniversary weekend celebration.The three days of festivities began with a

cornucopia of Hip-hop culture at the National Black Theatre in Harlem that included underground and old-school MC performances, B-Boy ciphers,

a Graffiti gallery and legendary DJs on the wheels of steel.Friday night's performances included sets by Kurtis Blow and Shaolin Island's own King Just.Saturday's festivities went into light speed with the arrival of KRS-ONE, who promptly left the

stage at the start of his set and took his performance straight to the middle of the crowd as he rhymed over a B-Boy cipher courtesy of NYC

Breakers.As MC Shan looked on, bobbing his head and enjoying the show, KRS vibed off the b-boys and casually ran down a string of hit

singles including a rendition of "South Bronx" sans the Queensbridgereferences.Later legendary freestyler King Sun traded verses with the Blastmaster and challenged KRS and Shan to battle. Although claiming not to punk out, after an intense baiting session and much instigation, Shan declined to battle for financial reasons, but later said that he would record an album with KRS and put it out without the help of the major label system.Sunday spotlighted what the Zulu call the fifth element of Hip-hop, knowledge,

culture and overstanding, in a series of lectures and panel discussions at the Bronx Museum of Arts.Under the banner KMeeting of the

Minds,"Hip-hop brainpower manifested itself via KRS-ONE, Dr. Phil Valentine and legendary

photographer and activist Ernie Paniccoli.Paniccoli took a few minutes to discuss Hip-hop beef, including his own with rapper Kool Moe Dee, whom Paniccoli says is in breach of contract and honor for refusing

to pay him for photos that were supplied for Moe

Dee's book, "There's A God On The Mic."Also appearing were organizer/activist Rosa Clemente and power

promoter Maria Davis. The night capped off with a sold-out performance at S.O.B.'s with KRS-ONE as headliner.The show was the first of

the "Plain Rap" series, a weekly effort between AllHipHop and S.O.B.'s in which established artists are paired with up and coming talent.In contrast to the firestorm of negative press Zulu Nation has received in

the wake of the September 24th shooting death of one of its members, honor student Matthew Hall, the Zulu 30th Anniversary events showcased

Zulu's true legacy as pioneers and preservers of Hip-hop culture. The event was dedicated Hall's memory. His death still remains unresolved.