University Of Chicago Hosting National Conference On Feminism And Hip-Hop

The Center for the

Study of Race, Politics, and Culture at the University of Chicago will host

what organizers have billed the first national conference on the topic of “Feminism

and Hip-Hop,” in April.

The conference aims to provide

a forum to discuss and analyze the relevance of feminist agendas to the Hip-Hop


Kim Osorio of The Source, model Melyssa Ford, activist Rosa Clemente, Harvard’s

Marcyliena Morgan, Akiba Solomon and others are confirmed panelists.

“While a substantial literature has emerged detailing the history and

the current cultural domination of hip hop, there has also developed substantial

writing and some research warning of the possible negative impact of hip hop

culture on young African Americans, stemming from its focus and promotion of

sex, drugs, crime, misogyny, consumerism and nihilism,” CSRPC said in

a statement. “This conference will provide the needed space for debate

and discussion about the impact of hip hop culture on the sexual, gender and

racial understandings of young people around the world.”

The conference takes place

April 7th-9th and is free and open to the public. Pre-registration is required

online at

The deadline for registration is March 18, 2005.

Below is a schedule of events during the conference.

Thursday Evening

Film Screenings and Discussion with Directors

Hip Hop Gurlz (Director: Tamika Guishard); Booty Nation (Director: Alison Duke);

Nobody Knows My Name (Director: Rachel Raimist)

Friday Panels and


“Graduate Student Work on Hip Hop”

“Hip Hop Archive” (Featuring Marcyliena Morgan, the archive founding


Progressive Women’s Caucus

“From Blues to Hip Hop: Rethinking Black Women’s Sexuality”

(Featuring Gwendolyn Pough, Hazel Carby, and Farah Jasmine Griffin)

“Feminism and Hip Hop” (Featuring Joan Morgan, Tricia Rose, and

Beverly Guy-Sheftall)

Saturday Panels

“Media Representations of Women in Hip Hop”

“Sexuality and Agency in Hip Hop”

“Masculinity, Heterosexism, and Hip Hop”

“Feminism, Politics and Hip Hop on the Ground”


Evening Performances

Jessica Care Moore


Other Artists