Unreleased Guru Material Coming; Solar Lashes Out At Hacker

7 Grand Records has announced that the label will be tribute to its founder Guru with a “tribute campaign” that will take place over the next few weeks.

Guru and his business partner Solar founded 7 Grand Records in 2005.

They ran the label together until Guru’s death from cancer at age 48 on April 19th, 2009.

According to representatives for 7 Grand, Guru’s legacy will be honored with unseen footage, behind the scenes “memories of music productions,” video shoots, concert footage, video shoots and more.

As a member of Gang Starr, Guru, born Keith Elam, released a series of records that had great influence on Hip-Hop culture.

He collaborated with rappers and artists like Common, Freddie Foxx, Talib Kweli, Kelis, Slum Village, Styles P., Angie Stone, Damian Marley, B-Real, Jean Grae and others.

Additionally, Guru enjoyed a successful solo career, which included the critically acclaimed Jazzmatazz series of albums, which featured appearances by Jazz legends like Herbie Hancock, Donald Byrd, Bob James, Roy Ayers, David Sanborn and others.

“His legacy was timeless and he invented music that will shine forever long after he’s gone,” a rep for 7 Grand said in a statement. “In our lasting and fragrant memories, we will never forget the MC who raised the bar and paved the way for many rappers without the exploitative and negative stigma that has seeped into this generation of Hip-Hop.”

Meanwhile, a number of people have spoken out against Guru’s partner Solar for the way the legendary rapper’s death was handled. Jay Electronica called Solar out by name at a show last week, while legendary rapper Ice-T had unflattering words for Solar. “That kid Solar is no good,” Ice-T stated. “This letter that came out by Guru? How you gonna write a letter when you been in a coma since February? That’s Fugayzi (foul). That letter is wack. I know Guru, he wouldn’t write it like that. The fact that this cat has the audacity to put a letter out on a mans death bed, lets you know what kind of cat he is. It’ll all come to the surface….it’ll all come out in the wash.”

Solar’s Twitter and MySpace page accounts appear to remain hacked as well.According to a frustrated letter published on fucksolar.com, a website “dedicated” to Guru’s business partner, Solar is attempting to pursue legal action against the hackers.“Your emails are going to the federal authorities! as well as local law enforcemnet! [sic]” Solar wrote to the website. “This is Solars [sic] legal team! You will be prosecuted! Turn yourself in! Passport federal hacking! etc.We will get you its a matter of time! We know who you are! And all internantioal [sic] enforcements are in place if needed such as interpol! Lawsuits have been filed as well! With international power. You will Pay for this!!!"