Upcoming Rapper Claims Tony Yayo Swiped Track 'They Hate'

(AllHipHop News) An upcoming rapper has lashed out at Tony Yayo, claiming the G-Unit rapper and his producers stole a track of his and used it on Yayo’s mixtape 2009 mixtape, Swine Flu.

Upcoming 17-year-old rapper Muller St-Cyer of Brooklyn, claims his producers gave Yayo the track without his knowledge.

Yayo then allegedly used the same chorus of his song, which he claims to have recorded in 2007. Muller has a small buzz, due to his freestyle videos that have been featured on several popular Hip-Hop sites.

“I’m not a type of rapper to diss no type of other rapper, because every rapper that’s in the game I look up to, I have nothing but utmost respect for those rappers.”

He claims that Yayo and the producers took his original recording “They Say” and the flow, changed the name of the title and called it “They Hate.”

In the video, Muller plays a strikingly similar, unmixed version of his song “They Say” that was allegedly recorded in 2007, late 2008.

“As you can see, it’s basically the same s**t. And you can see me bumpin to his s**t. I would have gave that s**t to him. It’s just f**ked up that I had to hear the s**t like that. Just for that f**k you Tony Yayo, you can d**k. Shout out to all my real rappers. If you were a real rapper, you would have come to me.”

The budding rapper never gave a reason for waiting so long to make such salicious allegations against Tony Yayo, who is preparing to release his latest mixtape, Gun Powder Guru.

Muller St. Cyer is currently recording material and seeking a deal.

Representatives for G-Unit had no comment as of press time.