Update: Authorities Seek JMJ Acquaintance

According to the New York Post, police are seeking

an acquaintance of Jam Master Jay, who they think may have served as a lookout

for the man who murdered the rap star in his Queens, New York recording studio.

The police say the man is an convicted drug dealer

who left the city days after Jay was gunned down. Authorities say the man rarely

visited Jay's studio, but was seen there by eyewitnesses hours before Jay was

shot on October 30.

Police say he stood watch outside of the studio

and tipped the gunman off to the fact that Jay had arrived and was inside of

the recording studio. He stood at the ground floor door way as the killer went

upstairs and shot Jay at point blank range as he sat playing a video game in

the studio's lounge.

Cops believe he may have fled to the Washington,

D.C., area.

Meanwhile detectives continue their search for

prime suspect Curtis Scoon, of Queens and Georgia. Sources told AllHipHop.com

that Scoon had hired one of the highest priced attorney's in New York City.

As he attempted to negotiate his surrender through

his lawyer, Scoon allegedly fled, saying that he had received numerous threats

against his life, including threats from the New York Police Department.