UPDATE: C-Murder Guilty Verdict Stands

AllHipHop Staff

A New Orleans jury has found Corey “C-Murder” Miller of second-degree murder, in relation to January 12, 2002 death of 16-year-old Steve Thomas.

The jury reached the final verdict around 1:40 PM today (August 11), only 24 hours after starting their deliberations.

Yesterday (August 10) a jury of seven women and five men told Judge Hans Liljeberg they were initially deadlocked over Miller's guilt regarding the shooting death of the teenager during a dispute in Club Platinum, a defunct nightclub in Harvey.

Judge Liljeberg ordered them to continue deliberating stating that he had juries with lessor charges deliberate for over eight hours.

Prosecutors wrapped up their closing arguments to the jury around 10:00 am, while Miller’s attorney finished his around 10:40 AM yesterday.

Today, the jury came back with a guilty verdict, although Judge Liljeberg voided the verdict, claiming one juror may have rushed to a decision of guilt in order to end the trial.

The trial comes seven years after Thomas’ death, who would have been 23-years-old this year.

Miller was convicted of second-degree murder in September of 2003, but the verdict was overturned in Louisiana Supreme Court, after it was revealed that prosecutors expunged several witnesses’ criminal backgrounds in hopes of boosting their credibility.

Under Louisiana law, Miller must serve a mandatory sentence of life in prison. A date for a sentencing schedule will take place this Friday (August 14).