UPDATE: Charges Against Suge Knight Tossed


Two felony drug charges and one misdemeanor assault charge against Marion “Suge” Knight were dismissed by a Las Vegas judge.

Prosecutors accused Knight, 43, of assaulting a female acquaintance named Melissa Isaac, on August 27, during a heated argument.

Knight was accused of striking Isaac, who was allegedly found by LVPD officers naked on the side of the road, as Knight stood over her with a knife.

The drug charges stemmed from allegations Knight was also in possession of ecstasy and hyrdocodone.

TMZ.com reports that Knight’s lawyers David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld were successful in getting all of the charges dismissed due to "lack of production in discovery and the failure of witnesses to be subpoenaed."

"God is good, and I've got the best two lawyers in America. Happy holidays," Knight said after learning the news.

The prosecution will now take the case to a grand jury.