UPDATE: D'Angelo Russell Speaks On Nick Young And Iggy Azalea Drama, Says He'd "Get Physical Back" If Confronted

(AllHipHop News) In the aftermath of last week's saga surrounding the leaked video of the Los Angeles Lakers' Nick Young confessing infidelity, D'Angelo Russell is letting his feelings be known.

In a candid interview with ESPN, D'Angelo spoke about the situation and elaborated on the current vibe of the locker room since the leaked video hit the internet.

"It's at the point where you need your space," Russell told ESPN of his relationship with Nick Young. "You can't force peace. You have to let time heal it."

"I'm getting over it," Russell said. "But if the person that it hurt the most gets over it, then I feel like it's done. Until he lets it simmer down, then I think it will still be an issue."

Iggy thanked D'Angelo publicly via Twitter for uploading the video and since has been said to be “chillin” On Nick Young.

While the team leans on time to heal the situation, in the mean time D'Angelo let it be known that he would get physical if confronted by Nick Young or any other teammate in regards to the incident.

"I would get physical back," D'Angelo explained . "It's a point where you try to solve it the right way with words, but if we're at the point where there's a sign of disrespect or violence is involved, sometimes you have to let people feel you and let people know, if you disrespect this guy, you know you have to bring it."

"Win or lose, the respect is still going to be there. I wouldn't necessarily say it's gotten to that point or it's there yet, but if it does, you have to deal with the consequences."

While rumors are circulating about a Nick Young leaving the team, nothing has been set in stone.

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young announced their engagement in June of last year, but were recently rumored to have already been married privately.