Update: Inmates That Served With C. Miller Holding Press Conference To Discuss Jail Conditions

Representatives for

Corey Miller, formerly known as C-Murder, have announced that inmates serving

time with the incarcerated rapper will hold a press conference via satellite to

discuss what they have dubbed “horror stories" while jailed at the

Jefferson Parish Correctional Center.

Miller is currently serving

a life sentence, after he was convicted in September of 2003 in the shooting

death of 16-year-old Steve Thomas, in a now defunct Jefferson Parish nightclub.

Miller lost a bid for a

retrial earlier this year, during the same period that he recorded an album,

The Truest S**t I Ever Said, from the Jefferson Parish Correctional


The album debuted at #1

on Billboard’s Independent chart. While doing press, Miller made allegations

that blacks and other prisoners were regularly discriminated against by prison


The video and album drew

the wrath of local authorities, including local jail Sheriff Harry Lee, who

objected to Miller recording the video and album while incarcerated.

Lee, who was condemned by

the Louisiana branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for making

racists statements in the late 1980’s, claimed that Miller was capitalizing

off of his alleged crime and vowed to crack down.

Shortly afterwards, Miller’s

attorney was barred from bringing pens in while visiting Miller, for fear that

writing utensils could be hollowed out and used to smuggle Miller's lyrics out

of the jail.

“They used my jail,”

Lee told Picayune in February. “I think I'm entitled to some money.”

Shortly after the video

and album controversy, Miller lost his bid for a retrial and the rapper was

sentenced to life in prison.

Sources familiar with the

case told AllHipHop.com that it was a case of bad timing for Miller.

"If he would have waited

a few more weeks, at least until the hearing for his retrial came up, he would

have probably been granted a new trial," said the source, who wished to

remain anonymous. "He could have been a free man by now if he would have

just waited. The album didn't help and right afterwards they sent him away for


Miller's lawyer said that

a judge reviewed the case and also found numerous inconsistencies in the trial.

"In the interest of

justice she [the Judge] ordered a new trial ultimately overturning his conviction,”

Miller’s lawyer Ron Rokosky said in April. “Even though this judge

acted properly, the Appellate Court is still denying Miller a new trial, which

has never been done before in the history of Louisiana law and is a clear violation

of Miller's civil and constitutional rights."

Miller has been housed at

the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna, Louisiana, since being convicted

September 30, 2003.

The conference

will be held Thursday May 26th at the correctional facility.