Update: Naughty By Nature Gets Talib Kweli's Laptop Back From Theif

Update: Vinnie from Naughty By Nature has helped Talib Kweli reclaim his laptop from an Australian man that took it from a dressing room.Kweli said, "Shout to @DDotOmen and

Vinnie from @naughtybynature

for being instrumental in getting me the stuff back. Dude dropped it

off and ran."The Brooklyn rapper quipped that the man kept his hat."So I have my computer back. And phone. That clown

ass n***a Amir Bashir kept my Yankee fitted tho."***Talib Kweli's laptop was stolen last night at a performance in Melbourne, Australia, but the culprit was quickly identified after his actions were circulated with viral video.

The person entered into Jean Grae's dressing room and quickly stole Kweli's laptop and cell phone.

Talib used his Twitter to initiate the search for the culprit. He said, "Someone came in Jean Grae's dressing rm last night, stole my laptop & phone. They was with the opener whos dressing rm was next to mine."

The hotel where they were staying provided video footage of the thief. The video was also circulated online. One person, who helped distribute the videos, said, "Who knows this dude ? @CBlacksmith @RealTalibKweli if u know him. We just want laptop."

The thief was quickly identified as Amir Bashir, a person presumed fan of Jean Grae and Talib Kweli.

At press time, Talib Kweli appeared to have all of Bashir's info, but the Australian man seemingly has refused to give back the laptop or cell phone.

"Someone tell Amir Bashir I have that Charles Court address. and landline. man up," Kweli tweeted. "The club owner called the police already. In the meantime I catch a flight tomorrow. And I aint leaving without ALL the info."

On his own Facebook, Bashir seemed to relish in the attention. He said, "Innocent till proven guilty!" and "Over night fame!"He also became a fan on Talib Kweli's Facebook page.

Below is a video of the alleged theft.

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