Update: Police Apprehend Suspect In Santana Murder

According to sources, authorities in Los Angeles

have apprehended a woman in connection with the murder of actor and aspiring

rapper, Merlin Santana. Santana, who played Romeo on The Steve Harvey show,

was gunned down as he sat in a parked car in South Central, Los Angeles Sunday


Ironically, Santana had a role in VH1's made

for TV movie "Play'd," in which he was gunned down as a casualty in

a "rap war." Santana was born in the Bronx but had been living in

Los Angeles. He was preparing to come to New York to further his career in rap.

Santana had finished three unreleased albums and was preparing his debut release.

"When I got the news, I went numb. I wanted

some rational explanation of why this had been done," said Veronica Ramirez-Gonzalez,

President of Everywhere Promotion and Marketing. "He was a good person,

never started trouble and was extremely humble, despite his successes."

Gonzalez and management company Lunarshine Entertainment were helping Santana

get his rap career off the ground.

"Rest in Peace, Merlin," said Gonzalez.

"Your time was well spent on this planet of chaos and confusion. You are

truly loved."